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Automation of internal logistics processes

We have solved the sorting of single and mixed shipments to PNS. In one technological process, the client can sort covers of all common sizes together with magazines or paperback books. . The delivery also includes the implementation of a follow-up software solution and its integration into the customer’s IT environment. In addition to forward logistics, the project also included an innovative reverse logistics solution. As part of the remittance processing, we also automated the verification and audit of individual items.


Central distribution of meal vouchers

For the company Edenred, we implement a process of central data processing, composition, printing and subsequent machine wrapping of meal vouchers for the entire Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and 6 other European countries. As part of the solution, we also provide business continuity.


innogy, VSE a VSD

The process of generating and printing client documentation

For innogy, VSE and VSD, we have provided a process for processing requests for the generation and printing of all client documentation (invoices, contracts, notifications, reminders, amendments, notices, or marketing materials). Our solution generates documents and sends them to the required channels (mail, courier, email, archive, online,…). We have a template management application – a repository for entering all documents, including versioning, and a repository for test scenarios, including the ability to run tests. The change or new print job is controlled within the process engine that is part of the solution.

It is also a part of the End-to-End Monitoring solution. Each shipment is monitored from the generation of the request to delivery to the client. We have up to 30 defined and monitored shipment tracking statuses.

Slovenská sporiteľňa

Realization of OMS

For Slovenská spořitelna a.s. (SLSP a.s.), as one of the largest retail banks in Slovakia, we have implemented and managed the Output Management System (OMS) solution. OMS helps the bank to manage input data from source systems and then – after transformation into output files – provide them to distribution channels. Transformation is a subject to functional requirements, corporate rules and design patterns. Output files from OMS are easily importable into other banking, accounting and payment information systems, which facilitates the management of financial transactions. The output file from OMS is also an SMS message, e-mail, contract, confirmation, current account statement, securities account statement, reminder and many other types of documents. These documents are a direct tool of the bank’s contact with the client, and therefore they are created in accordance with legislative and marketing requirements and reflect the company’s corporate identity.


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