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E-commerce & logistics

Automate from receiving
goods till dispatch

The field of online business is experiencing an unprecedented boom. In addition to sales growth, it brings great challenges in the area of demands on the speed of distribution, its efficiency and, last but not least, demands on the growth of labor productivity. By implementing the principles of Industry 4.0 and using elements that use UI, we automate the entire length of the production chain, from receipt of goods, through sorting to shipping. Whether with whole solutions or using the AGILE methodology in particular solutions of individual processes.

Banking & Fintech

Keep your business
under control

In today’s world, business success is hidden in the right balance of communication channels. Automated product offerings supplemented by chatbots using UI elements must be suitably combined, for example, with personal contact by phone. Appropriate integration of customer service and marketing department can then respond flexibly to changing customer preferences and needs.
In this case, open systems that support secure data sharing and provide customers with distributed connectivity based on open APIs and based on a micro-service architecture are becoming a necessity.


Discover the world of Solar Energy

Věříme v potenciál využití solární energie. Pomáháme společnostem přejít k obnovitelné energii a dosahovat ziskovosti. Společnosti, které investují do solární energie, tak činí s výhledem na budoucnost. Splňují také očekávání zákazníků a partnerů, pro které má téma udržitelnosti čím dál větší význam.

Lettershop services

Increase efficiency
and profitability

The main challenge facing print service providers is the constantly
growing number of microjobs. The time required to process each of them requires approximately the same effort and setup as large tasks. This trend then brings high pressure on the profitability of orders. By consolidating data and using the right printing and envelope technologies, you will achieve a significant increase in labor productivity, processing speed and overall profitability.

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