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Keep your business
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In today’s world, business success is hidden in the right balance of communication channels. Automated product offerings supplemented by chatbots using UI elements must be suitably combined, for example, with personal contact by phone. Appropriate integration of customer service and marketing department can then respond flexibly to changing customer preferences and needs.
In this case, open systems that support secure data sharing and provide customers with distributed connectivity based on open APIs and based on a micro-service architecture are becoming a necessity.


Omnichannel Communication Management

You can manage communication with customers and achieve better addressability from one place. Our ODM portal will allow you, thanks to the advanced ability to work with HTML 5, to better target your communication. With this solution, you map, merge, process data, prepare proposals, manage approvals and store content from all your business applications and systems. This significantly speeds up the entire customer communication.

Reporting & Monitoring

A detailed overview of the current status of individual internal processes is the key to effective management. An application that collects statistics on all related operations and individual process steps and generates online graphically processed required reports will be a great help to achieve this goal. Thanks to the architecture built on the REST API, we can easily and simply integrate with your internal and external systems that you use in your company.

Process Digitalisation

Digitization of your business processes significantly increases the quality and speed of services provided. This has an immediate impact on your competitiveness. Users without programming knowledge configure process logic and document templates. The small need for coordination with the IT department affects the timing of changes and overall costs. It also has a significant effect on the onboarding of new customers. This process is shortened from days to minutes.

Testing Automation

The application built on the basis of the REST API analyzes and compares electronic documents and verifies their compliance.
The system also checks for random changes and even points out differences in the document that are not visually recognizable but could lead to production problems.
. The process is fully automated and monitored. The results are presented in the form of graphical reports.

Data transformation & Archiving

One of today’s key requirements is to make the data understandable, to transfer it to its destination, and to provide quick and easy access to it. Data processing from multiple systems, creation of data models, their subsequent transformation, conversion and archiving takes place in one platform. Customization and integration takes place thanks to a modern interface by simply setting up the system. This way, our customers have the right information at the right time in the right place.

Digital printing & Lettershop services

Through this service, we will provide you with data processing, digital full-color inkjet and black-and-white printing, machine enveloping, postal sorting and optimization of postage and delivery costs to couriers at List mile Delivery. Throughout processing, shipments are audited down to the level of each print page during each process step.

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& Fintech

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