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Automate from receiving
goods till dispatch

The field of online business is experiencing an unprecedented boom. In addition to sales growth, it brings great challenges in the area of demands on the speed of distribution, its efficiency and, last but not least, demands on the growth of labor productivity. By implementing the principles of Industry 4.0 and using elements that use UI, we automate the entire length of the production chain, from receipt of goods, through sorting to shipping. Whether with whole solutions or using the AGILE methodology in particular solutions of individual processes.

Omnichannel Communication Management

You can manage communication with customers and achieve better addressability from one place. Our ODM portal will allow you, thanks to the advanced ability to work with HTML 5, to better target your communication. With this solution, you map, merge, process data, prepare proposals, manage approvals and store content from all your business applications and systems. This significantly speeds up the entire customer communication.


The right approach to the automation of sorting processes brings a sharp increase in efficiency in the area of product storage, consolidation of multi-item shipments, sorting into individual distribution channels and also in the area of reverse logistics.
When designing our solutions, we place great emphasis on the overall optimization of customer processes and high flexibility of processed shapes.
We can also handle atypically shaped shipments.

Track & Trace

The application based on the REST API allows you to monitor and record times or statuses during the transport of individual shipments according to customer specifications and then attach a time stamp, documents or photos. … The application is multifunctional: GPS navigation, chat, photo upload, QR, reader and the ability to save files, enter loading regulations, CMR, damage to goods…

Order Processing & Planning

Batch processing is a highly time-saving method that brings
higher processing efficiency. You can ship a larger number of shipments in the same period of time. The added value of such a solution is then amplified by our SW module optimizing batches and the total processing time. The module also addresses processing and processing planning based on an analysis of the current overall throughput of the solution.

Reading & Data Capture

Bar code, whether in 1D or 2D form, is a market standard at the same time
the most efficient control element of production and logistics processes. In addition, there are customer requirements for intelligent object recognition, data mining, or visual quality control. Recognition, subsequent data analysis and data transfer in the required structure and data format to the core systems can then include recognition of typed characters or handwritten information.

Dimensioning & Weighting

Accurate intelligent consideration and measurement of individual dimensions of packages and postal items, subsequent transfer of information to the customer’s systems in the required structure, its processing and evaluation “In the Fly” are very important for maintaining processing time, as well as overall process optimization.

Storage Location Management

The right approach to Storage Location Management enhances the added value of our location approach and the importance of sorting in the customer’s internal processes. In a progressive approach to addressing this area, SLM becomes an integral part of effective shipment consolidation and, together with sorting at heart, for the entire Warehouse Management or distribution center.

Monitoring & Planning

A detailed overview of the current status of individual internal processes is the key to effective management. An application that collects statistics on all operations of logistics processes will be a great help to achieve this goal. Thanks to the architecture built on the REST API, we can easily and simply integrate with your ERP, your other systems, as well as with the systems of individual carriers.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management and control of daily warehouse operations such as transport, warehousing, consignment preparation, consolidation, packaging, shipping, integration with carrier platforms, but also reverse processes for returned goods can be managed from a single portal fully integrated with your internal systems. It will also provide you with the necessary reporting to increase the quality of planning and further process optimization.

Last Mile Delivery

By optimizing delivery routes, you not only save costs, but also shorten delivery times. Last but not least, this optimization will also free up your overall capacity for further growth in the number of shipments delivered, and customer dissatisfaction due to long waiting times.

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Automate from receiving
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